The Newberry Library will host a symposium May 5-6, 2022 that will bring together the past three years of participants in “The Archive: Theory, Form, Practice” seminar along with faculty, students, invited archival specialists, humanities scholars, and directors of graduate study at major universities. Together, we will make public a larger discussion of the seminar, the findings of our work, and potential avenues for integrating archival practice more fully into doctoral programs in the humanities. Presenters will explore approaches to, institutional practices of, and critiques of the archive. This conversation will offer both methodological and theoretical insights into the process of narrating histories across periods and places. The symposium will generate discussion and concrete examples of how teachers and scholars can design courses that make use of archives at their own institutions.

The symposium is free. The Newberry welcomes students, professors, and the general public to attend. Please check back for registration information and a program of speakers.